The First blog post (and hopefully the first of many)

13647253_10153711487940814_621468850_oWordPress supplied me with a fake blog post titled “Hello world” which is often how I would start a post like this, but now I’m not going to just out of badness. my blog page looks desolate so I decided to curb my desire to go outside and play Pokemon Go to write a quick blog post about my website.


It’s been a long time coming and i’ve been putting it off for the better part of a year, there were tears shed to create this website, actual frustrated tears. WordPress as a platform is extremely easy to use and get the hang of and if your theme doesn’t do something you want you can normally find a plug-in to correct the issue. Me and wordpress get on like two peas in a pod.

Everything else that goes with making a website….not so much. I couldn’t tell you the number of issues I had getting my website from a domain name to an actual built site but here we are!

Now, this website is still a work in progress and, really it’s not exactly how I want it, I used the best theme I could find that did vaguely what i wanted but in the future you’ll probably see the theme change, I have my eye on a theme builder I can use to create my website exactly how I want.

What next? well now I’m going to work on getting VAT registered, and then I’m going to get myself some business cards and start making some contacts!

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